The largest continuous vine-growing area in the world is located just a few hours’ drive from Madrid. Providing us with exclusives wineries, delicious wines and a surprising gastronomy to be discovered…

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Tour description

  • When: From Monday to Friday (not weekends)
  • Duration: 12h approx (8am-8pm)
  • Rates:
2019 RATES525 euros per person425 euros per person325 euros per personAsk for quotation
  • What is included: personal driver, luxury car, visit to wineries and emblematic places, top wine tastings, breakfast and a fabulous gourmet meal.
  • Exclusiveness: All visits to wineries are arranged exclusively for you, with a personal guide, avoiding any large groups.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us an email to info [at] devinus [dot] com.


After picking you up from your hotel, we’ll depart from Madrid in one of our luxury cars to the east area of La Mancha DO.

A nice drive through a quiet sea of vineyards, including a quick stop for a typical Spanish breakfast in the Royal town of Aranjuez, will lead us to one of the most beautiful wineries of La Mancha. A walk through its vineyards will precede the visit to this charming winery, where we will discover its incredible wines.

After that, we’ll visit the Wind Mill area, where you could feel the spirit of Don Quixote while enjoying a five start meal of gastronomic products of the land.

Later on, we’ll move to a second winery, located in a sea of vineyards surrounded by a gorgeous landscape.

If you are interested in visiting more wineries just let us know and we’ll arrange any additional visit.

After this complete and unforgettable day we’ll return to Madrid. Discover the marvelous heritage of this land!


Key information 

South of Madrid and only one hour from the center of the city, lies La Manch. This region has become one of the most important and beautiful wine areas of Spain (they actually sell more wine than any other Spanish region except Rioja).

La Mancha isn’t just Spain’s largest wine region; it’s the largest in the world. La Mancha DO covers about half of the Castile-La Mancha region stretching from just east of Toledo south to Puertollano, and east to Albacete. The region is fairly flat and has a continental climate.


La Mancha Mills

It is almost impossible to look at La Mancha’s landscape without thinking of Cervantes’ hero, Don Quixote. In some respects the area looks much as it did when Cervantes wrote this famous novel. Hilltop castles, round towers, lines of windmills and rows and rows of grapevines spread across the dry plains, will transport you to the times of Don Quixote.

Like Don Quixote, La Mancha’s wines are an essential part of the region’s history. Experience wine production and tasting from start to finish in one of the main wineries of the region. For more information click the following link: La Mancha DO