8 must see Food Markets in Madrid

If you have ever been to Spain, you have probably heard of the iconic concept of the “mercado”. Originally, it was the place where Spaniards would go to buy fresh produce, meats and cheese. And although the country has seen a rise of big supermarket chains, Spain still flourishes with these gems. Madrid is an excellent place to enjoy this spectacle, whether you are looking for a traditional market or one with a gourmet spin, Devinus.com presents a list of various options across the city of Madrid.

#1 Mercado de San Miguel

Without a doubt, this is the most iconic market in the the city. This historic building has an excellent location, right next to the Plaza Mayor. Mercado San Miguel opened its doors in 1916, and is currently the only iron structured market in the city of Madrid. It offers an array of gourmet Spanish foods like tapas and paella. However, this market also has other great options like sushi, french oysters, cheeses from all over the world and a stall dedicated to scrumptious desserts.

#2 Mercado de la Paz

Since 1882, this market, located in the Salamanca district, has been open for business and catering to the locals. Due to its location, it is not visited by many tourists. While it is less of a restaurant seen, it is an excellent place to find fresh foods and delicacies, keeping in line with its traditional vibe.

#3 Mercado de Maravillas

“If you are looking for something, go to Maravillas,” at least that is how the “madrileño” saying goes. Located on Calle Bravo Murillo is Europe’s largest municipal market with over 200 stalls. Here one can find everything from typical Spanish foods, to products from other continents such as Latin America and Asia.

#4 Mercado de Barceló

Located close to Alonso Martínez, it is a market that has put a spin to the traditional spanish concept of the word. It opened its doors in 2015, and is not only limited to a market, but also features a sports center and a library. It’s market portion includes stalls that range from fresh fruits and vegetables to creative desserts.

#5 Mercado de San Antón

In the heart of Chueca lies a once traditional market that has transformed into a gourmet hang out spot. On the first floor is a market where one can find delicatessen. The second floor is home to various stalls selling gourmet spanish foods and desserts. The last floor is perfect for the summer season as it has a terrace and restaurant.

#6 Cortezo Yatai Market

Next to the plaza of Tirso de Molina is one of Madrid’s newest markets. The Cortezo Yatai market is of interest because it is the city’s first market solely dedicated to Asian food. While you won’t find “jamón ibérico” here, you can enjoy dim sum, curry, ramen amongst other things.

#7 Mercado de San Ildefonso

This market is in the trendy neighborhood of Malasaña. It is smaller than some of the other markets around Madrid, but it’s stalls have an arrange of restaurants from Venezuelan food, to asian food, to the traditional Spanish. On the weekends this market is alive with a DJ and has various terraces, making it the ideal place to enjoy good food with friends.

#8 Platea Madrid

A few years ago an old cinema in Plaza Colón was converted into a gourmet market. It has been rated Europe’s biggest gastronomic and leisure center. With various restaurants and a plethora of stalls, this market will not disappoint. It is overseen by various Michelin Star chefs who insure all the food is of top quality. A truly gourmet experience.

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