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Let’s celebrate our eleventh anniversary

DeVinus is celebrating its eleventh anniversary. We started our business eleven years ago as an “experiment” but with a lot of energy, positivism and wishing to convey our love for gastronomy and wine to our customers. Yet we are fully … Read More

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Chandeleur – Crêpes Day

What is La Chandeleur? On February 2nd, just 40 days after Christmas, it is a tradition in France that families and friends gather to eat crêpes (pancakes). La Chandeleur (Candlemas) is a local holiday that causes many of the streets … Read More

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How to pick the perfect wine trip

OK then, we deserve it, the decision is made, we are going on a trip! It’s really a magical moment when you decide that you are going to discover a different culture, you feel good thinking about all the amazing … Read More

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Wine and food trips in Europe

If you love great wine and food, then a European tour where you explore amazing wine regions is exactly what you need. Not only it’s amazing to explore Europe and many of its incredible locations, what it’s more fun is … Read More

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What are the top ten European grape varieties?

Grape variety is very important to understand a wine. In some places, grape varieties are considered one of the most important factors in choosing a wine. In most European countries, it’s more common to order or buy a wine by … Read More

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Good news for Ribera del Duero: the D.O allows Albillo white wines

The first whites made with Albillo Mayor (also known in the area as Blanca del País or Albillo) with the label of the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero will be from the vintage 2019, while until now the wineries … Read More

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Spain is different! Calling all Foodies!

Spain is one of Europe’s best destinations for food lovers. With the country’s tapas culture, Mediterranean cuisine and rich regional gastronomic offerings, travelers are spoilt for choice, but where are the very best spots if you’re looking for a foodie-friendly … Read More

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Vinos de Madrid Appellation of Origin

Madrid has an Appellation of Origin of its own, which makes it the only capital in the World to have one bearing its name, since 1990. Despite general belief, the Appellation of Origin is not a mere administrative status, but … Read More

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Main Spanish Wine Regions

Spain has several wine regions. Below you can find the list of the Wine regions of Spain with Denominación de Origen (DO & DOCa). (Denominación de Origen = Appellation of Origin). 1. Rías Baixas DO 2. Ribeiro DO 3. Ribeira … Read More

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The best 6 places for “churros” in Madrid

A long fried pastry with a spongy middle and a crunchy outer ridge, it is no wonder why churros are a Spanish favorite. Usually accompanied with a cup of chocolate, “churros” can be eaten as  for breakfast, as a snack, … Read More

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8 must see Food Markets in Madrid

If you have ever been to Spain, you have probably heard of the iconic concept of the “mercado”. Originally, it was the place where Spaniards would go to buy fresh produce, meats and cheese. And although the country has seen … Read More

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The tradition of King’s Cake

The sixth of January, many catholic countries celebrate the Day of Kings, or the three Wise Men. This day is also known as the Epiphany, and in the Christian tradition celebrates the arrival of the three wise men to Bethlehem. … Read More

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How to surprise your loved ones with the best dinner ever

Organize  a dinner for family or friends can provoke that your levels of stress get higher and higher. While it should be a magical moment, it can also be the most stressful. We have to work while finding extra time … Read More

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Le Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived!

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! This emblematic phrase has made Beaujolais one of the best known wines in the world. Every third Thursday of November at 00:01, trucks leave the cellars, so that wine lovers all around the world from … Read More

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12 “bizarre” Spanish foods that all travelers must try

Most tourists come to Spain with the misconception that Spanish food is just sangría and paella. However, this is not all that the country has to offer! Spanish cuisine is very rich and that richness includes a variety of foods … Read More

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Hello Vino

Having trouble selecting the perfect wine? We would like to share an app that is perfect for you! Hello Vino can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Andriod app store, and is really easy to use. Do you … Read More

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How to make the Perfect Cocktail using Wine

When it comes to making cocktails for your guests, you can enjoy a huge choice of recipes and come up with some great creations for others to enjoy. If you are not very experienced when it comes to making cocktails, … Read More

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How to enjoy Spanish Tapas as a local

What are tapas? Tapas are a variety of small savoury Spanish dishes, often served as a snack with drinks, or with other tapas as a meal. The verb “tapear”, going from bar to bar for drinks and tapas, is an … Read More

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Our Top Picks for Best Wine Brunch in Madrid

Brunch is one of our favorite meals of the week: it’s a leisurely way to catch up with friends and family over a feast of sweet and savory favorites. From pancakes and French toast to bacon and smoked salmon, there … Read More

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Ribera del Duero Appellation of Origin

Ribera del Duero is a Spanish Designation of Origin (DO) located in the country’s northern plateau and is one of nine wine regions within the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is also one of several recognised wine-producing regions … Read More

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La Mancha Appellation of Origin

La Mancha is a Spanish Designation of Origin (DO) and is located in the largest continuous vine-growing area in the word, the autonomous region of Castile-La Mancha. This area in includes 182 municipalities: 12 in the province of Albacete, 58 … Read More

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