Hello Vino

Having trouble selecting the perfect wine?

We would like to share an app that is perfect for you! Hello Vino can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Andriod app store, and is really easy to use.

Do you have a great wine sitting around, but have no idea what to pair it with? No problem! Hello Vino gives you suggestions based on your preferences. This function, also works the other way around. For example: if you have prepared a great meal, but have no idea what wines to pair it with, this app also allows you to look up a specific dish, and find wines that will fit perfectly with it. Hello Vino also gives the user wine options that vary in price ranges.

An option that we personally love, is the “My Wines” section. Your personal library where you can view wines that you have previously tasted. This is a great option for forgetful persons. This option is also great for recommending wines you like to someone.

If you are a wine enthusiastic, you will love the section “Wine Guide” that allows you to see some of the most popular wines of the selected region.

Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

Hello Vino is the perfect tool for people who do not know much about the wine sector, to wine enthusiasts, and everyone in between who just wants to learn more about the complex wine universe. Just like in Cinnamon Events, where we offer tailored options for each client, Hello Vino has choices so that each user is sure to enjoy every circumstance.

A world of wine is at your fingertips.

Download the app at:

iOS – App Store

Android  – Google Play


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