The best 6 places for “churros” in Madrid

A long fried pastry with a spongy middle and a crunchy outer ridge, it is no wonder why churros are a Spanish favorite. Usually accompanied with a cup of chocolate, “churros” can be eaten as  for breakfast, as a snack, or as a desert.

Do to their popularity and versatility, churros can be found in other countries of the world. However one can find these delicious pipes of dough just about anywhere in Madrid. Cinnamon Events gives you a list of the top places to enjoy this delicious pastry in the city.

#1 San Ginés

In between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor lies one of the most famous “churrerías” of Madrid. Churreria San Gines. Having been open since the 1894, the decor is clearly that of the 19th century. Giving the place a unique vibe. While it is usually busy, the wait is worth every bite.

#2 Chocolatería Valor


This establishment is mainly a “chocolatería”, a place where you can find a large variety of different chocolates. But it is also one of the most popular “churrerías” amongst locals spicing up the concept of churros with chocolate. Having multiple locations in the city of Madrid and an array of locations around Spain. Although this place can be considered more of a chocolate shop, the churros are still delicious!  

#3 Los Artesanos 1902

If you are looking for tradition, this is the place for you. This Churrería has been run for five generations by the same family and is considered to be the oldest “churrera” family in Spain. Their secret recipe being passed on, generation after generation.

#4 Mayoma

Located in the heart of the Salamanca district, this churreria is loved by locals and not crowded with tourists. The quality of this establishment’s products puts a gourmet twist to the traditional churros.

#5 Chocolat Madrid

Right besides the Metro Anton Martin, lies a gourmet chocolatería with artisanal chocolate, organic products and fresh churros. If you are not in the mood for churros, this place also has artesanal cakes and deserts.

#6 Madrid 1883

Madrid’s oldest churrería lies in the area of Malasaña. While, it does not look the same as when it opened, it has nice lighting and photos of the old establishment. This “churrería” is of special interest because they offer an array of churros. Want Churros topped with Chocolate and almonds? This is the place.


If you want a more authentic experience, during winter you can also find churros stand around the city. What better way to fight off the cold than with warm churros and hot chocolate?


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