How to surprise your loved ones with the best dinner ever

Organize  a dinner for family or friends can provoke that your levels of stress get higher and higher. While it should be a magical moment, it can also be the most stressful. We have to work while finding extra time to shop for our loved ones. To make life easier, we presents you a list of different options that will ensure you can actually enjoy special moment in a different way.

Why not partake in a cooking class with your loved ones? Learn from a master while preparing and enjoying a delicious, mouthwatering meal carried out by an experienced chef. This can be carried out as an alternative to the traditional family dinner.

However, another alternative is a fabulous private wine tasting. This could be in the city, or  in a winery near Madrid, whatever you prefer. Indulge yourself in the flavors of Spain with this exclusive tasting while learning from a prestigious sommelier.  Choose a wine region of interest and savor the quality wine the area has to offer. You and your guests are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Would you like to enjoy wine, while having a delicious gourmet meal at a winery? Let the flavors of delicious wine and exquisite food warm you up this holiday season. Let yourself be seduced by a private and personalized wine route in which you will not only have have the opportunity to learn about wines; but also enjoy an excellent meal paired with the wines of the winery.

Maybe you are looking to try something a little more adventurous? Enjoy the aspect of mystery while partaking in a blind dinner loved ones. Taste exquisite dishes and wines that you can’t see. Try to imagine what you are drinking or eating and discuss it with your colleagues or family. It’s so fun!  

Another great option we can propose is a gymkhana of tapas through the city of Madrid. It is a sure fire way to ensure you have fun with your family. Get in the city spirit by having a treasure hunt that leads you to delicious gourmet tapas around the city. What better way to get in the mood ?

We also offer you the opportunity to have a cocktail masterclass. Learn how to make different variations of cocktails while having a break with your colleagues. 

The next dinner alternative is for chocolate lovers and sweet tooths alike. Enjoy high quality chocolate in an experience like no other. Taste the variety of cocoa’s different flavor profiles by tasting a variety of chocolates from around the world. This activity is a great way to taste delicious chocolate while learning about its origins. A chocolate tasting could also be paired with wine or other beverages.

Maybe you just want to stick to the classics. In that case, we can organize a dinner tailor made for you. Why not enjoy a thematic dinner, or a dinner with your company colors?

If you have your own creative ideas, but you need help carrying them out, please,  feel free to contact us! We are longing to help you.

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